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A week in social creative #1


I see a lot of stuff I love, online, all the time.

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Usually it just gets neatly saved to a Pinterest board or a collection on my Instagram, never to be seen again. In an attempt to remedy that, I bring you, a week in social creative. This series will focus on my favourite pieces of creative, from all the social medias, that i'm loving this week. Lets get into it. 

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Matt Crump for Chobani

Yes Matt yes. Loving this playful and eye catching colab with Chobani. Give me more and give me that yogurt drink please. 

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Warby Parker

eautiful. Simple. Functional. Also could be described as: I stop, I love, I shop. Gorgeous creative with built in function using shoppable tags on Instagram. 


This week I seem to be loving split frames. Love that this short video tackles branding and product benefit upfront in an interesting and crafted way. 

Everything Everything Film

I am OBSESSED with this mobile, social first trailer. I haven't seen anything like it before, and actually watched the whole thing through when I had it served to me. A great example of the right fit for the right brand, and experimenting to see what works. 


Please excuse me whilst I go book a holiday. Seriously love the storytelling in this one, and the way it plays with pacing to emphasise the brand and product throughout.

Hope you guys enjoyed this! Thinking of making it a regular thing – let me know if that would be useful! What was your fave piece?