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Brand focus: Warby Parker


Let's talk brand and let's talk American eyewear company, Warby Parker.

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At only five years old, this company has managed to completely disrupt the eyewear industry. Read on to find out how they did it.

The Industry

  • The eyewear industry was old and stale as a last weeks sandwich. It was dominated by one key, overpriced corporate giant–Luxottica. 
  • Did you know that Luxottica sells designer eyewear that is not even made by the label? This means that the Gucci frames you just purchased from Sunglasses Hut are not designed by Gucci, but rather Jo Bloggs in the Luxottica office. 

What did Warby Do? 

  • Warby Parker realised how consumers really wanted to shop–online. Not in some stale store where you couldn't even touch the product you wanted to buy because it is hidden behind glass. 
  • They figured out a way to cut costs but not quality. Which was not hard considering how high the mark up is on Luxottica's eyewear. They then passed these savings onto their customers.
  • They approached their business from the beginning in an ethical way. They work off a 'buy one, give one' model, similar to Toms Shoes. For every pair of glasses you buy, they give a pair to a child in need through the charity Vision Springs.

Marketing like a Millennial 

  • Because they are too cool for school, Warby Parker staged a secret, exclusive fashion show in the New York Public Library the day before 2011 fashion week. By the end of the day they were featured on Vogue, Esquire and Women's Wear Daily.
  • They also carry out affiliate marketing with the YouTubers we love, such as Tyler Oakley and Hannah Hart.
  • Most importantly though, they honestly care about their customers. If the answer to your twitter question is longer than a tweet, their customer services team will film an answer video just for you. How cool is that! 

And if all those carefully crafted bullet points couldn't convince you how awesome this brand is, I'm sure Ryan Gosling can. Just look into those beautiful eyes adorned by Warby Parker frames.