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Killing time in Auckland traffic: Podcast round-up


Auckland. The city of sails. Alternatively known as the city of gridlock. 

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Fast on its way to becoming the LA of NZ, Auckland traffic is a soul-crushing routine. If you live outside of central Auckland, I’m sure you’re familiar with the monotony of being city-bound at 7am. 

Now, if you’re wondering, ‘why the long-winded monologue about traffic?’ To get some value out of this time spent, I want to share with you my favourite podcasts to alleviate rush hour madnesses.

A bit of business, design and food, here is how I spend my commute each week.

99% Invisible

Beautifully produced and carefully crafted, Roman Mars explores the nuances of all things design. This is not restricted to logos and typography. Rather, he dissects specific subjects of humanity and history. From the history of white bread, through to the psychology of queues, Mars subtly delights you every time.

Quality Episodes
49 - Queue Theory and Design
137 - Good Bread
204 - The Soho Effect
214 - Loud and Clear
220 - The Mind of an Architect
307 - Immobile Homes

Skimm’d from the Couch

Real and relevant. The Skimm co-founders Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg sit down each week with woman who are killing it at the top. Slay gals slay. Navigating ones career path is not easy. These women give real advice about what it takes to figure it out and succeed. Guests include Tyler Haney (Founder and CEO, Outdoor Voices), Christie Hefner (CEO and Chairman, Playboy) and Nancy Dubuc (CEO, Vice Media).

FYI, if you haven’t checked out The Skimm newsletter or app, get on it.

Quality Episodes
10 - Joanna Coles: Chief Content Officer of Hearst Magazines
13 - Christie Hefner: Former CEO and Chairman of Playboy Enterprises
16 - Linnea Roberts: Founder and CEO of Gingerbread Capital
20 - “Cool, curious, and connected” Mindy Grossman, President and CEO of Weight Watchers, on her three C’s for hiring.

Business is Boring

It’s easy to get caught up in the glitz of California. Host Simon Pound and his guests bring business learnings back into a Kiwi context. Brought to you by The Spinoff, you know this will be topical information to whip out at the next water-cooler gathering.

Quality Episodes
Tim Lightbourne of Invivo wine talks branding, taking risks, and Graham Norton
Vaughan Rowsell of Vend has brought Point of Sale software into the 21st century
How Dexibit is revolutionising museums and galleries using big data solutions
An underground kitchen with a sky-high target

Burnt Toast

I just really like food, okay. When I’m not eating it, making it, thinking about it, why not listen to someone talking about it? Burnt Toast is a show from the Food 52 network. For foodies alike, it leaves you with random gems of culinary insight, and a growling tummy.

Caution: don’t listen on an empty stomach.

Quality Episodes
Tapping Into the World of Maple
Myths and Magic of Milk
The Worst Food in Whitehouse History
The Genius Recipes that Change The Way We Cook
A Seat at Chefs Table
Everyone’s a Critic

Hope you enjoyed that podcast round-up. Maybe the next commute will be a bit more enjoyable now! I’m always looking for interesting shows, so if you have one to share, drop me a comment.