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One easy step to designing better creative for mobile.


Architects create scale models, print designers run through paper like there is no tomorrow, so why, might I ask, are we still reviewing social creative on desktops?

Screen Shot 2018-07-08 at 1.03.26 PM.png

Designing for mobile is an ever-evolving practice, but we can all instantly commit to making better creative for mobile through one simple change. That change is to review what you make for mobile, well, on a mobile phone.  

By making this change, you will begin to ask yourself questions that usually never occur when reviewing content on a desktop (or worse, a projector screen). Is the logo too small? Can I even read that testimonial? Wait, do I still understand the story with my phone on silent? Would I really watch this whole TV ad when scrolling through my social feed? All thoughts that are not typically provoked when reviewing mobile content elsewhere.

I personally didn’t make this change to my process until I learnt about Creative Hub. But this tool is just too great not to use, or in this case, share. Creative Hub by Facebook is a website that allows you to mockup your designs in ad units, and then send these to your phone to review. You can even send it to your Facebook feed to test what it would look like in the actual environment it will be living, as well as share a link with others to review on their own phones. This shareable link can be a great tool to help clients understand how the creative will translate on mobile. Plus, if you're feeling a little lost for inspiration, Creative Hub houses some of the best in class examples of mobile-first creative for each and every ad unit across Facebook and Instagram.

So in short, go check it out. It’s a game changer for sure. 

Has anyone else got any great tips up their sleeve for when it comes to designing for mobile? Let me know in a comment and share the knowledge!