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Productive procrastination: My top 4 graphic design Youtubers to watch.


As designers we are naturally visual thinkers. Therefore it is not surprising that many of us are able to retain more information from a short video than lengthily text. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-01 at 9.16.28 PM.png

Today I’m going to give you guys a quick overview of my favourite graphic design youtubers, letting you know why they are awesome and why you should subscribe to them.  

Charli Marie

  • Charli is a graphic (web) designer from NZ (my homeland), who is currently living the dream as a designer in London. 
  • She posts a variety of content about design, style and her life (vlogs). 
  • Her videos about design focus more on advice and her experiences. 
  • She loves music and from this love has created the t–shirt brand, Liner Note Kids (which she screen prints herself). 

Will Paterson 

  • Will is from the UK (well I am assuming at least from his accent). He is a graphic designer specialising in logo design and brand identity. 
  • He posts a variety of videos, including his own advice, experiences and tutorials. 
  • His content focusses on logo design and typography. 
  • His videos, and work, have a beautiful vintage aesthetic about them that I really enjoy watching.

Roberto Blake

  • Roberto is a graphic designer who’s main piece of advice is to ‘create something awesome.’
  • He posts consistently everyday, with content ranging from tutorials, business advice and technology reviews. 
  • If you are a designer that wants to learn the basics of business, this is the guy to watch. 
  • His advice around business and marketing is very frank and relevant.

Have you guys got any favourite youtubers? Graphic design or otherwise related? Leave me a comment and i'll make sure to check 'em out!