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The colours of La La Land.


Yes, Mr Gosling is very easy on the eyes. But that is not the only reason why La La Land is a particularly visually appealing movie.

Screen Shot 2018-07-01 at 9.50.49 PM.png

The film is one of the best that I saw (technically last) year. It is romantic, hopeful, entertaining, and an all-around feel good movie. It kinda just leaves you feeling happy, and as a creative, totally gets me in the heart strings with the whole ‘you can achieve your dreams’ theme it has going on. So overall, yes, I highly recommend it. 

But you know what really got me? You know what I loved? THE COLOURS. So beautiful, I can’t even. They inspired me to bring you a couple of color palettes from the scenes, so scroll down for a little look-see. I also highly recommend playing ‘city of stars’ whilst you look, to put you in that ultimate La La Land mood. 


Well I hope you all enjoyed that! Did you guys like the film? Are you also a Gosling/Stone fan? Any other movies you recommend that have some cool colour palettes? Let me know in a comment. Thanks for reading!  

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